WeHorr – Our Girls Go …

Posted by Jane Taylor | March 20, 2014

Despite all the rain and past foul weather, Broxbourne women fielded two crews at either end of the experience spectrum.

Each crew had had its fair share of pre-race stress.  The Senior Women entered as Masters B: the crew was stroked by Helen Dodsworth and included Amanda Jones, Anne-Marie Bright, Amy Molesworth, Becca Garton, Brooke Stevens, Trish McKellar with Karen Barton in bow.  Helen Van Kempen gamely stepped into cox at the last minute and steered a good, clean line.

They set off at 73 with the task of chasing Katherine Granger who, with her crew, set off at 72.050

Our second crew had a harder route to the Head.  As a novice crew they had to prove to the organisers that they were competent to race.  The final decision wasn’t made until Thursday that the head would include our Novice crew.  They were to set off at 233: the crew were coxed by Isy Marshall and included: Claire Fullbrook, Cathy Orme, Alice Elliott, Sarah Ellis, Amy Stewart, Carrie Cooksley, Beth Flintoff and Jane Denyer.



On the day the crews couldn’t have wishe057d for better conditions.  Although the stream was fast it was tameable.  The sun shone and the breeze remained light the whole way.

Broxbourne ’old girls’ were also well represented in other crews including: Courtney Edmonds and Emma Lacy representing Reading University and Ellie Holmes and Ruth Taylor representing Queens University Belfast.

After a glorious day’s racing the results were especially pleasing too: Women’s Masters B finished 107th and the Novices improving their place to 189th.

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