Masters Squad Results for 2010/11 Season

Posted by Andy Crook | October 3, 2011

As both the regatta season and my stint as Masters vice-captain have now drawn to a close, it’s high time for an update on the wins notched up by the squad since the start of the head season in the long forgotten days of last autumn.  Overall there were 18 wins, 3 in heads and 15 at regattas. Here they are in chronological order:
Vesta Veterans Fours Head – Nov ’10

  • Mixed C4+: Jo Griffith (str), Roger Ward (3), Phil Lumley (2), Michelle Blunt (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Kingston Small Boats Head – Nov ’10

  • Men’s C1x: Rob Alexander

Molesey Veterans Head – Feb ’11

  • Men’s E8+ and 2nd overall: Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Phil Lumley (6), Rob Alexander (5), Andy Crook (4), Alistair Cutts (3), Tony Stokes (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Lea Spring Regatta – Apr ’11

  • Men’s D1x: Quintin McKellar

Peterborough Spring Regatta – Jun ’11

  • Men’s D8+: Quintin McKellar (str), Roger Ward (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Rob Alexander (5), Phil Lumley (4), Jonathan Batey (3), Russell Mould (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Alex Carter (cox)
  • Men’s D4x: Quintin McKellar (str), Rob Alexander (3), Russell Mould (2), Andy Kelly (bow)

British Masters Rowing Championships – Jun ’11

  • Women’s B2x: Jo Griffith (str), Michelle Blunt (bow)
  • Men’s A1x: Craig Allan
  • Mixed C8+: Jo Griffith (str), Michelle Blunt (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Rob Alexander (5), Phil Lumley (4), Roger Ward (3), Sarah Gilliver (2), Amanda Jones (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Henley Masters Regatta – Jul ’11

  • Men’s A1x: Craig Allan

Sudbury International Regatta – Aug ’11

  • Men’s G4+: Tony Stokes (str), Nick Carter (3), Hugo van Kempen (2), Jim Brandon (bow), Alex Carter (cox)
  • Men’s C1x: Chris Heathcote
  • Men’s Nov1x: Chris Heathcote
  • Men’s D1x: Quintin McKellar
  • Men’s E1x: Jonathan Batey

Cambridge Autumn Regatta – Sep ’11

  • Men’s E8+ (racing as D8+): Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Alistair Cutts (5), Phil Lumley (4), Nick Carter (3), Andy Crook (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)
  • Men’s D2x: Russell Mould (str), Andy Kelly (bow)
  • Men’s C1x: Chris Heathcote

Some other noteworthy performances:

  • Scullers Head – Nov ’10 – Rob Alexander finished 122nd overall and 4th out of 25 in the Men’s C1x
  • Hammersmith Head – Mar ’11 – the Men’s D8+ was 2nd in it’s age category
  • Veterans Eights Head – Apr ’11 – the Men’s D8+ came in a solid 33rd overall, finishing 6th out of 42 in their age category
  • British Rowing Masters Championships – Jun’11 – the Men’s D8+ and D2x were both placed 4th, just missing out on bronze medals
  • Henley Masters Regatta – Jul ’11 – the Men’s F4+, D2x and Jonathan Batey in his E1x all put in creditable performances
  • FISA World Masters Championships, Poznan, Poland – Sep ’11 – the sole representative from Broxbourne in Tony Stokes raced in composite crews made up from 9 clubs, finishing 2nd in the Men’s I8+ and H4+, 3rd in H8+, and 4th in G8+ and G4+

Most decorated, with 6 wins each were Chris Heathcote and Quintin McKellar, followed by Andy Kelly and Russell Mould, with 5 apiece.

Wishing the whole squad every success in the coming season.

Andy Crook.

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