Great Tyne Row: a great collaboration

Posted by Jane Taylor | September 24, 2014

For the first time, a Broxbourne crew comprising both racing and recreational women rowers entered the Great Tyne Row.  The crew: Francesca Edenborough, Jakki Hill, Elzbieta Pryrkosz-Cifonelli, Jane Taylor and Ann Wills began training together in early September.  It soon became obvious that each squad needed to learn from the other.  Methods of boating, coxing calls and views on competing had to be adjusted.  Swapping crew members in mid-stream was practiced, much to the amusement of both fellow river users and pedestrians strolling along the footpath.

The Great Tyne Row took place on Saturday 20th September, with the largest ever entry.  Thirty-four crews took part, rowing 25km between Newburn, west of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and Tynemouth to the East.  A wide range of boats took part in the challenge, including St Ayles Skiffs, recreational sliding-seat coxed quads, fours and doubles, a Celtic Longboat, a Hanningfield Skiff, and a paddle-powered Dragon Boat.

Great Tyne River Race 001


Ann Wills began coxing the race and had the difficult task of steering through the bridges.

Great Tyne River Race 002


Happy crew.  It was the early part: we didn’t know what was going to happen.

Great Tyne River Race 003


We had to give way for to this one!

Great Tyne River Race 004


Jane Taylor coxed the second half, and can be seen waving the crew’s number as we cross the finish line.  The final results placed us 10th overall and second in our category.

Next year’s race is 6th September: hopefully we won’t be the only crew from Broxbourne in 2015.


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