Great BRC day at Sudbury

Posted by Amanda Jones | August 13, 2016

The club had a great day at Sudbury last Saturday, there was lots of sunshine and great racing, with many wins and crews getting into finals.  We were joined by a couple of previous BRC members and even some of their friends for a few composite crews and lots of fun.  Well done to all the winners:

MasD/E.4+    257, BRX-Kelly (E)
Mx.MasC/D/E.8+    263, BRX-McKellar (D)
W.J14A.4x+    175, BRX-Bavister
ELI.8+    2, BRX/TSS/MBC-Lummers Delights
MasC/D/E.8+    256, BRX-Lumley (E)

Sudbury photo

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