Broxbourne Juniors Alumni At Women’s Henley

Posted by Jane Taylor | June 23, 2014

The 2012 J18 Quad of Rowan McKellar, Ruth Taylor, Courtney Edmonds and Emma Lacey, who had met the giants of Groton in their first race, were back representing three different clubs.

Rowan raced S1, coming through the time trial and first heat in splendid style.  Although now at the University of California, Berkeley, she raced as Broxbourne.  In the quarter-finals, she drew Carmichael of Leander.  They battled it out, with no clear leader, for the majority of the course.  However, home advantage won in the end and Carmichael pulled away in the dying moments of the race.

Ruth was in the six seat of Queen’s University Belfast A eight.  QUB met their old rivals Durham in the heats and beat them for the third time this year.  Then they came up against  Nottingham in the quarter-finals.  It was a close race, with Queens and Nottingham taking turns in leading throughout the course.  Finally Nottingham pulled away and won by a canvas.

Emma was sitting in bow for Reading University B eight.  They came up against an on form UCL in the quarter-finals and lost by two and a half lengths.


Courtney was stroke for Reading University A eight.  Reading came through each step with blistering times of 5.04 in the semi-against Edinburgh. For the second year Courtney was in the final at Henley.  Reading fought UCL stroke for stroke.  It finally came down to where the finish line was: Reading lost by a foot!



Noelle and Matt Stallard’s coaching has given these girls the taste for competition at the highest level.  Broxbourne RC should be proud of the excellent work the Junior Squad’s alumni have and will continue to achieve.

We look forward to seeing them next year at Women’s Henley.

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