Annual Boat Cleaning and ‘MOT’: Your help required!!!

Posted by Michelle Turnham | August 25, 2010

We are very lucky at Broxbourne to have such a fantastic range of boats for our members to use. Now that the summer season is coming to a close it is time to give the boats their annual clean and service. This helps to keep our boats in good working order and was completed very successfully last year. Each boat will need to be thoroughly cleaned and any repairs, however small or trivial, can be addressed. Now is your chance to point out that pair of shoes or wobbly seat that has been annoying you!

This is obviously a huge job, so we need to enlist your help in completing this task. Each squad has been allocated boats to clean and check over, so please see your vice-captain or squad co-ordinator to see how you can help out, they have all been provided with lists of boats and instructions. Dave will also be on hand to provide parts or guidance. Whilst we appreciate that this may interfere with some rowing or socialising time, it is important to reduce large repair costs in the future and allow us to continue to expand our fleet.

Your help with this is very much appreciated.

Many thanks
Michelle (Captain) on behalf of the Rowing Committee.

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