Chris_Lawn    Recreational rowing still requires stamina and aerobic fitness but is less demanding than competitive rowing and is more about the enjoyment of being on the river than entering races. At BRC we are building our recreational rowing squad and have a core group of people who meet up to row together. This group participates in touring events and usually row for pleasure rather than speed!

We are very lucky to have a fleet of stable boats dedicated to recreational rowing (two fours/quads, one double and 2 single sculls), and also a traditional ‘jollyboat’, as a result of a Sport England Sportsmatch and a donation from Frontiers Developments. A team of Broxbourne rowers used the jollyboat to complete the Great River Race again in 2015 ( a 21 mile race down the Thames in traditional rowing boats).

We encourage you to come along and join us, if you have a little experience. If not, a short Learn2Row Course will soon get you up to speed.

Find out more about recreational rowing nationally on In particular, note the details of the 2016 British Rowing Tour on the Leed-Doncaster canal in September 2016. (

The current calendar (as of June 1st) for 2016 is as follows:

Date Event Location
13th Extended Row to Waltham Abbey BRC
19th Day Tour to Roydon with Lea RC BRC
 28th Day Tour to Lea RC BRC
 29th Day Tour to Broxbourne Lea RC
18th Explore Rowing Event BRC
26th West Norfolk Summer Head Denver
1st Royal Regatta (spectating) Henley
7th-10th Nidelva River Tour Trondheim
15th/16th Boucle Tour Maastricht
17th Team Rowing Event Peterborough
23rd Round Canvey Race Canvey Island
5th Thames Row with Nidaros RC (Trondheim) Weyfarers
6th Tour to Ware with Nidaros RC BRC
7th Splash, Dash and Skills Peterborough
3rd Great River Race London
3rd ? Great Tyne Row Blaydon
4th Great Ouse Marathon Denver
4th Lea Autumn Regatta Lea RC
1st-4th British Rowing Tour Leeds





Women’s Sports Week events – 7th & 8th October

Posted by Amanda Jones | September 23, 2016

Have you rowed before, even if it was many years ago, do you fancy a row followed by a cup of tea or coffee and a chat, we offer a friendly environment for women of all ages, linking in to women’s sports week we are holding sessions on Friday 7th at 9:00am and Saturday 8th October at 9:30am these are open to anyone that has rowed before and wants to give it ago again.  If you are want to come along please email look forward to seeing you

Splash and Dash

Posted by Amanda Jones | June 9, 2016

Broxbourne Splash n Dash

Great River Races

Posted by Chris Lawn | September 18, 2013

Nothing very recreational about the annual Great River Race for 21.5 miles along the Thames from Millwall to Ham, even if our entry was our ‘Jolly Boat’, Slippery Knix. The pictures show Stuart Morris’ team of 2013 which consisted of himself, Dennis Roberts, Paul Breheny, Ian Thomas and Chris Lawn, ably coxed and whipped up at every bridge by Jenny Bradley. Of the 324 entries, all fixed-seat boats, Broxbourne finished 106th in 2:49.01, which after a handicap for our class of 43 minutes, put us 108th overall, a step-change improvement over previous years.  This was followed in 2014 with a time exactly 5 minutes faster, but with identical placings. In 2015, inclement weather conditions prevented this time being bettered.

At the start in Millwall

Manoeuvring at the start

Manoeuvring at the start



'Eyes in the boat ! That's not the opposition.'

‘Eyes in the boat ! That’s not the opposition.’


'This is a laugh !'

‘This is a laugh !’

Not so funny now.
Cracking on. Not so funny now.
At the finish in Ham

At the finish in Ham

British Rowing Tour : Loch Lomond and the Forth-Clyde Canal

Posted by Chris Lawn | September 15, 2013


The Intrepid Six

The Intrepid Six


Launching at Balloch
Launching at Balloch


Approaching Luss

Approaching Luss


Resting on our Oars

Resting on our Oars


Lunch with the Canal Society

Lunch with the Canal Society





Eighty something rowers, about sixteen boats, two hotels, a coach, rescue boats, a national park, a canal association, the Falkirk Wheel and a piper in full Highland regalia, all brought together by John and Caroline Turnbull. Thus begins Chris Moody’s blow-by-blow account of the Tour. To see the rest, go to: British Rowing Tour 2013

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