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The Novice / Intermediate Squads are our Henley competitors of the future and for those who may want less commitment than is required for senior rowing.

We look to welcome new members to the squad who have had previous rowing/sculling experience whether this was with other clubs and/or Universities. We also progress those who have participated and completed our ‘Learn to Row’ course, who wish to pursue rowing as a competitive sport. The coaches liaise with the senior vice captains to ensure development of these individuals to senior squads as appropriate.

Our aim is to compete at well attended regional head races and regattas. The main head races we attend include pairs head & fours head where we have previously entered a number of crews. We also look to participate in Henley head as well as Reading head & Kingston Head.

Having raced over the winter season at the heads, we enter the regatta season prepared to go side-by-side and compete at some of the regional regattas. These include the likes of Sudbury Regatta, Hammersmith Regatta & Lea Regatta. We also like to finish the regatta season off, racing at both St Neots regatta and Peterborough Summer, where we camp over the weekend for the two days of racing and enjoy a squad BBQ.

If you wish to join our Novice & Intermediate men’s Squad, Please contact Nathan Randall.


Nathan Randall – Intermediate Mens Vice Captain.

Hammersmith Amateur Regatta 2015

Posted by Nathan Randall | April 19, 2016


Hammersmith Amateur Regatta 2015

Nathan(left) & Sam(right) won the Novice 2x in their first regatta together last year at Hammersmith Regatta.

The success came from a long winter of dedicated training in the double, followed by a weeks training camp early April with the clubs Senior Men’s squad in Saarbrucken, Germany. They worked extremely hard on technical pieces as well as 2km race pieces.

The hard work paid off with their first visit to Hammersmith, beating two Thames Crews to get to the final, and beat ASL with a verdict of ‘Easily’.

This was the Novice & Intermediate Men’s first win of the 2015 Regatta season.


Bedford Sprint Regatta 14th July 2013

Posted by Ashley Mander | August 12, 2013

Broxbourne IM3 4+ Win again

Having just lost their novice status at Peterborough, and only losing once this season, the Crew were full of confidence and keen to continue.  So it was to be Bedford sprint Regatta where they would make their im3 4+ debut.

From studying the IM3 race times at Peterborough the crew knew they would be quick enough to be competitive so there was plenty of reason for them to be optimistic. The first race saw them line up against Medway who have had a good summer themselves, so this was to be tough IM3 debut.  Broxbourne started well and it was level pegging until the bend when Broxbourne edged their way in front. They extended their lead to a boat length and held them there until the last 100m, and despite a fight back from Medway our crew had enough to keep in front and crossed the line half a length in front.

The final saw Broxbourne take on Sudbury who beat a strong Norwich crew in their heat.  Pumped up and ready to row our crew flew out the traps and powered past their opponents with relative ease.  The Sudbury Crew looked broken and demoralised with nothing left in the tank, and with confidence sky high the Broxbourne crew kept the power down to win by 2 boat lengths.

Cox: E Lacy, Stroke – M fiddler, 3 – G Dunk, 2- R Mayes, Bow – A Mander

bedford win


IM3 4+ June 2013

Posted by Ashley Mander | August 11, 2013

Peterborough Regatta – 2nd June 2013 – Men’s Nov 4+

This crew came together early in the New Year and had reason to be optimistic for the regatta season, on the back of an encouraging first outing together in the Nottingham head race, finishing fourth from 13.  Our first Regatta together was Twickenham and despite nearly missing our start we stormed through the first race into the semi-final. Our blistering start in the semi shattered the hopes and dreams of the Twickenham Crew and we eased through to into the final.  Sadly our dream of losing our novice status in our first regatta was not to be as fatigue overcame us and we splashed over the line in second.

Next up. Peterborough. We came into this fairly confident although it was clear from Nottingham and Twickenham that the standard of these Novice crews was high so a win would have to be earnt! Our heat saw us line up against Peterborough City, Cambridge City and Churchill Coll.  Our start was not the best, but we put that down to our 75kg cox, Dave Pike (making his debut), but once we got going we caught up with Churchill Col (who led) and glided past them into the lead and remained there to win the heat by 4 seconds booking our place in the final. Hooray. Following the other heat we learned that we were the fastest crew meaning we had the unfortunate tag of “favourites”.  The Final saw us line up against Sudbury, Derby and Churchill Coll.  Our start was again below par, which we’ll yet again blame Dave and his hearty lunch. Derby (the 3rd fastest qualifiers) stormed out the traps like a bat out of hell taking a surprise led.  Alarmed but not panicked, we kept it long and strong keeping Derby in our sights. Derby remained only half a boat length in front until Dave screamed for a big effort for the last 10 strokes which we duly obliged.. only to discover that there was a clear a miss-communication because it wasn’t the finish line we pasted but the 750m marker!!  This push did however see us ease past a tired Derby but having emptied the tank in those last 10 stokes, maintaining technique was tough, the crew never the less manned up to the challenge and maintained that lead through the to the end crossing the line 4 seconds ahead of our distraught Opponents. Broxbourne triumph. Novice status lost.


Sudbury and Peterborough WINS!

Posted by Penny Scorah | August 19, 2011

Sudbury International Regatta – 6th AugustBRC -No-longer-Novice ladies at Sudbury
There were 9 wins for the club

  • Masters G4+ (Tony Stokes, Nick Carter, Hugo Van Kempen, Jim Brandon and Alex Carter)
  • Masters C 1x (Chris Heathcote)
  • Women’s Masters A Novice 4+ ( Susi Bassam, Penny Churchill, Crista Findell, Jen Bradley, Oli James)
  • Masters B 1x (Quintin McKellar)
  • Women’s J17 1x (Rowan McKellar)
  • Women’s Novice 4+ (Ellie Holmes, Rachel Harris, Ashley King, Charlotte Page, Oli James)
  • Novice 1x (Chris Heathcote)
  • Mixed IM2 X (Tom Jenkins, Rowan McKellar)
  • Masters E 1x (Jonathan Batley)

Peterborough Summer Regatta – 13th AugustBRC Winners at Peterborough
There were 5 wins for the club

  • Masters B 4+ (Becky Bishop, Susi Bassam, Jen Bradley, Crista Findell, Anne Lacy)
  • Women’s Novice 4+ (Belinda Seabrook, Emma Lacy, Daisy Kitchener, Cally Gentle, Callum Costello)
  • Women’s IM3.4x (Alexandra Gibson, Amy Thornber, Sarah Gilliver and Lizzie Alexander)
  • Novice 8+ (Amanda Jones, Ian Henley, Nick Murray, Mansour Eskandarzadeh, Tim Isitt, Mark Edgley, Graham Lavender, Robert Lamprell, Matthew Harris)
  • IM1 1x (Craig Allan)

Well done everyone!

Scullers Head Update!

Posted by Becky Bishop | June 7, 2011

The Scullers Head, to be held on 25 June 2011, is primarily for novices and there will be prizes for the fastest novice lady and fastest novice man…however….if you have your own scull and wish to compete for glory we’d love you to enter.

The idea of this race is to have fun, support the club and socialise, please do not be put off from entering because you think you are inexperienced, this is simply a chance to get involved!

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