Broxbourne has a highly successful Masters rowing squad. Some of our rowers are the best, including World and National Champions and Henley winners. In 2013 Broxbourne was the most successful club at the National Masters Championship and won the “Victor Ludorum”.

The masters section is one of the largest and most active parts of the club and we compete throughout the year in regattas and head races.

Our G4 crew recently came back from the 2017 masters world championships in Bled with a gold medal.

In addition to elite rowers, we also welcome those returning to the sport and novices. If you want to train and race, you will be most welcome in the Broxbourne Masters squad.

Paul Hosking (Masters VC)


Bled G4

Winning gold at Bled!

Scullers Head

Posted by Graham Everitt | December 30, 2011

November became December, and the least enjoyable event of the year was upon us – Scullers Head. Ten members of the men’s senior and masters squads had entries, with start positions running from 8th to 318th.

Conditions appeared fairly friendly at first, with an unusually calm stretch of water between the start line and the bandstand allowing Broxbourne’s scullers to find rhythm early on, but with tricky cross winds gusting through the middle stretch all 10 racers were put to the test technically in what is physically the toughest part of the race.

Race completed, as our scullers landed and were helped in to the bank by those who had started earlier on there was a common response to the question “how did you go?” – “rubbish.”. Moods improved as memories of the last kilometre faded and hot tea courtesy of Vesta revived weary souls, and the results showed that all representatives had achieved fairly decent results for such a small club.

As usual, Adam Ridler led the club home, finishing in 20th position overall. Chris Scorah was next in, 10 seconds and 12 places behind – with a superb result of 32nd. Craig slothed home in 38th place, with Rob and Graham just outside the top hundred in 103 and 113 respectively. Alex Goodwin then achieve his best performance in some time coming in 123rd – a massive step on from his performance just 2 weeks before at Kingston. Chris’s Heathcote and Sheppard just missed out on start positions next year, coming in at 218 and 227, and Quintin just got the legs on Russell in their ongoing battle, placing 300th – 5 places and less than 3 seconds ahead of President Mould.

The club will now have at least 5 scullers starting in the top 100 next year, and hopefully at least 5 finishing inside it. There will be plenty more who will be looking to place inside the top 200. Our entry meant we were the 8th most represented club in the event, and the most represented club not based on the Tideway. Only four clubs managed to place more scullers inside the top 200, and only 2 clubs managed to place more scullers in the top 50. All participants are looking forward to being part of an even more impressive performance for the club next year.

Masters Squad Results for 2010/11 Season

Posted by Andy Crook | October 3, 2011

As both the regatta season and my stint as Masters vice-captain have now drawn to a close, it’s high time for an update on the wins notched up by the squad since the start of the head season in the long forgotten days of last autumn.  Overall there were 18 wins, 3 in heads and 15 at regattas. Here they are in chronological order:
Vesta Veterans Fours Head – Nov ’10

  • Mixed C4+: Jo Griffith (str), Roger Ward (3), Phil Lumley (2), Michelle Blunt (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Kingston Small Boats Head – Nov ’10

  • Men’s C1x: Rob Alexander

Molesey Veterans Head – Feb ’11

  • Men’s E8+ and 2nd overall: Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Phil Lumley (6), Rob Alexander (5), Andy Crook (4), Alistair Cutts (3), Tony Stokes (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Lea Spring Regatta – Apr ’11

  • Men’s D1x: Quintin McKellar

Peterborough Spring Regatta – Jun ’11

  • Men’s D8+: Quintin McKellar (str), Roger Ward (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Rob Alexander (5), Phil Lumley (4), Jonathan Batey (3), Russell Mould (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Alex Carter (cox)
  • Men’s D4x: Quintin McKellar (str), Rob Alexander (3), Russell Mould (2), Andy Kelly (bow)

British Masters Rowing Championships – Jun ’11

  • Women’s B2x: Jo Griffith (str), Michelle Blunt (bow)
  • Men’s A1x: Craig Allan
  • Mixed C8+: Jo Griffith (str), Michelle Blunt (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Rob Alexander (5), Phil Lumley (4), Roger Ward (3), Sarah Gilliver (2), Amanda Jones (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)

Henley Masters Regatta – Jul ’11

  • Men’s A1x: Craig Allan

Sudbury International Regatta – Aug ’11

  • Men’s G4+: Tony Stokes (str), Nick Carter (3), Hugo van Kempen (2), Jim Brandon (bow), Alex Carter (cox)
  • Men’s C1x: Chris Heathcote
  • Men’s Nov1x: Chris Heathcote
  • Men’s D1x: Quintin McKellar
  • Men’s E1x: Jonathan Batey

Cambridge Autumn Regatta – Sep ’11

  • Men’s E8+ (racing as D8+): Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Chris Heathcote (6), Alistair Cutts (5), Phil Lumley (4), Nick Carter (3), Andy Crook (2), Andy Kelly (bow), Brenda Scott (cox)
  • Men’s D2x: Russell Mould (str), Andy Kelly (bow)
  • Men’s C1x: Chris Heathcote

Some other noteworthy performances:

  • Scullers Head – Nov ’10 – Rob Alexander finished 122nd overall and 4th out of 25 in the Men’s C1x
  • Hammersmith Head – Mar ’11 – the Men’s D8+ was 2nd in it’s age category
  • Veterans Eights Head – Apr ’11 – the Men’s D8+ came in a solid 33rd overall, finishing 6th out of 42 in their age category
  • British Rowing Masters Championships – Jun’11 – the Men’s D8+ and D2x were both placed 4th, just missing out on bronze medals
  • Henley Masters Regatta – Jul ’11 – the Men’s F4+, D2x and Jonathan Batey in his E1x all put in creditable performances
  • FISA World Masters Championships, Poznan, Poland – Sep ’11 – the sole representative from Broxbourne in Tony Stokes raced in composite crews made up from 9 clubs, finishing 2nd in the Men’s I8+ and H4+, 3rd in H8+, and 4th in G8+ and G4+

Most decorated, with 6 wins each were Chris Heathcote and Quintin McKellar, followed by Andy Kelly and Russell Mould, with 5 apiece.

Wishing the whole squad every success in the coming season.

Andy Crook.

Molesey Veteran Head 2011 – Broxbourne Win E Eights and Finish Second Overall

Posted by Andy Crook | March 7, 2011

The Masters Men’s E Eight won their division at the Molesey Veteran Head on Saturday 26th February 2011 in a time of 9 minutes 23 seconds, also being placed second overall for the Head behind the Crabtree C Eight.

The crew, comprising of Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Phil Lumley (6), Rob Alexander (5), Andy Crook (4), Alistair Cutts (3), Tony Stokes (2), Andy Kelly (bow) and Brenda Scott (cox), comfortably beat all 8 entries in the D Eights category, and on a handicap basis finished 4 seconds behind the winning Crabtree Eight.

In showery conditions and on a reasonably fast stream, Quintin took the crew off at a good clip, covering the course at a rate of 34 and taking it up to an alleged 37 for the final push home. “If only we had got the extra 5 seconds” was muttered by a couple of the crew, but generally a very satisfactory result to build on.

Veterans Fours Head 14-Nov-10 : Winning Mixed Coxed Four

Posted by Andy Crook | February 9, 2011

Masters New Year’s Report

Posted by Andy Crook | January 5, 2011

As I write my first report as Masters vice captain, there are 2 things I find I have to remember – that we are no longer called Veterans, but more crucially the entire squad’s ages for calculating the myriad of crew variations to make the “right” age category for racing.

That aside, I am happy to report that the club currently has a healthy Masters squad, numbering 16 men and with welcome guest appearances from amongst the women. This should set the squad up well for the remaining head races this winter, as well as for the coming regatta season.

In the run-up to Christmas 2010, the Masters have competed at the Pairs Head, Veterans (note: not Masters) Fours Head, Kingston Small Boats Head, Vesta Scullers Head and, of course, our own Club Head.

The first of these was the Pairs Head in October, where we had 3 Masters entries. While we didn’t come away with any pennants, there were some credible performances with the Mixed B Double of Jo Griffith and Roger Ward placed 3rd in their category, the Mens D Coxless Pair of Hugo van Kempen and Andy Crook 4th in theirs and the Mens F Coxless Pair of Alistair Cutts and Jim Brandon also 4th in  theirs.

At the Veterans Fours Head in November only one Broxbourne crew raced, but a great result of 53rd overall was achieved, with Michelle Blunt, Jo Griffith, Roger Ward, Phil Lumley and cox Brenda Scott winning in their Mixed C Coxed Four from a starting position of 150. They beat their second place rivals, Wallingford, by 45 seconds and a number of Mens Coxed Fours to boot. Unfortunately the Mens F Coxless Four had to scratch from the event due to injury.

Since the Fours Head, it has been down to the scullers to race, with Rob Alexander and Chris Heathcote doing battle as the only Mens C Singles entries at Kingston Small Boats Head, with Rob winning out and being placed 85th overall and Chris 191st.

As already mentioned in Chris Scorah’s report on the Sculler’s Head, Rob Alexander, Quintin McKellar and Russell Mould were the club’s Masters entries, with Rob competing in the Mens C Singles and finishing 4th out of 25, with 122nd place overall. Quintin and Russell had a ding-dong battle in the Mens D Singles, with Quintin coming in at 11th and Russell 14th, also out of 25 in their category.

Looking ahead to the rest of the winter, the Masters are likely to compete in several more Heads in the run up to the Masters Eights Head on the Tideway in early April 2011, with ambitions to race some heads in fours and small boats too. Following the heads the possibility of an early spring training camp over a weekend is being considered.

The regular training days for the Masters squad for the rest of the winter will continue to be Wednesday evening from 7pm in the gym for circuits and ergos, and Saturday morning on the water.

Wednesday evening is also the regular club night for the Masters, meeting in the bar after training, which on occasion has been known to include food!

This is also a great opportunity for anybody – whether an experienced oar or a newcomer to rowing – who may be interested in joining the Masters to meet the rest of the squad.

Andy Crook – Masters Vice Captain 2010/11

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