Broxbourne RC 30min r20 Ergo Ladder

Posted by Craig Allan | November 24, 2010

At the end of this month I will publish an ergo ladder ranking club athletes based on their best score for a 30 minute ergo with the stroke rate capped at 20. The ladder will be split into two sections one for men and one for women. There will be no further sub-division but there will be a column to indicate which squad each athlete belongs to, and a column for athletes to add their weight, if they wish to do so.

A new ladder will be published every month in the boathouse and the members area of the website. The first ladder will be for November and only include scores achieved this month. All senior squad members are expected to submit a score each month. Intermediate squad members are encouraged to submit scores and the more people from other squads that join in, the better.

One week left in November, happy erging!

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