Marlow Regatta

Posted by Chris Scorah | June 19, 2010

Saturday 19th June saw the men’s squad make their last trip to Dorney lake for 2010 for Marlow regatta.  We were a little worried about our heat and were expecting to be scrapping to make the rep.  After a dreadful warm up paddle, we somehow managed to put together an awesome start and found ourselves a length up at 700m.  The rowing went a little down hill from there, but we comfortably held on to the lead to win by a length and secure a place in the final.  Unfortunately the final was a bit of a disaster with a boat stopping crab about 20 strokes in leaving us 15 seconds behind the field and racing the umpires launch.  Not a great end to the day.  We must now pick ourselves up to restore confidence and prepare for Henley.

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