Great River Races

Posted by Chris Lawn | September 18, 2013

Nothing very recreational about the annual Great River Race for 21.5 miles along the Thames from Millwall to Ham, even if our entry was our ‘Jolly Boat’, Slippery Knix. The pictures show Stuart Morris’ team of 2013 which consisted of himself, Dennis Roberts, Paul Breheny, Ian Thomas and Chris Lawn, ably coxed and whipped up at every bridge by Jenny Bradley. Of the 324 entries, all fixed-seat boats, Broxbourne finished 106th in 2:49.01, which after a handicap for our class of 43 minutes, put us 108th overall, a step-change improvement over previous years.  This was followed in 2014 with a time exactly 5 minutes faster, but with identical placings. In 2015, inclement weather conditions prevented this time being bettered.

At the start in Millwall

Manoeuvring at the start

Manoeuvring at the start



'Eyes in the boat ! That's not the opposition.'

‘Eyes in the boat ! That’s not the opposition.’


'This is a laugh !'

‘This is a laugh !’

Not so funny now.
Cracking on. Not so funny now.
At the finish in Ham

At the finish in Ham

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