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And out of the Thames…

Posted by Penny Scorah | June 30, 2010

Perhaps inevitable after drawing London RC ‘A’, but the VIII kept the pressure on the London crew all the way, in the end loosing by 2 1/4 lengths. A difficult day for the lads but we’re all proud. Getting 2 boats through to Henley is a great achievement and perhaps next year we might have some luck with the draw!

Out of the Wyfolds

Posted by Penny Scorah | June 30, 2010

The seeded Star club beat our IV by 3 lengths at Henley. Let’s hope the VIII have more luck!

Wyfold IV have qualified!

Posted by Penny Scorah | June 25, 2010

An excellent row at Henley qualifiers for the mens coxless IV. Well done to Adam, Craig, Graham and Chris! That’s two Broxbourne crews through to Henley this year. The draw takes place at 3pm tomorrow…

Marlow Regatta

Posted by Chris Scorah | June 19, 2010

Saturday 19th June saw the men’s squad make their last trip to Dorney lake for 2010 for Marlow regatta.  We were a little worried about our heat and were expecting to be scrapping to make the rep.  After a dreadful warm up paddle, we somehow managed to put together an awesome start and found ourselves a length up at 700m.  The rowing went a little down hill from there, but we comfortably held on to the lead to win by a length and secure a place in the final.  Unfortunately the final was a bit of a disaster with a boat stopping crab about 20 strokes in leaving us 15 seconds behind the field and racing the umpires launch.  Not a great end to the day.  We must now pick ourselves up to restore confidence and prepare for Henley.

Senior men win at Reading regatta!

Posted by Chris Scorah | June 14, 2010

Senior Men win at Reading Reagatta 2010There were glum faces on Saturday morning as a last minute change to the crew left the VIII(I) feeling a little less confident than usual. But in true Broxbourne style they pulled it together just in time to storm to victory and beat the Reading VIII by 4 lengths in the final.  A fantastic win for the senior men and special congratulations to Alex and Cally who gained their first win at senior level!

Crew ~ Chris Scorah, Craig Allen, John Hounsell, Alex Goodwin, Rob Alexander, Graham Everett, Simon, Chris Turnbull, Cox: Cally, Coach: Matt Stallard.

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