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Sudbury so far

Posted by Penny Scorah | August 7, 2010

2 wins for Broxbourne so far today! A win for Patrick Moody and Duracell (I really don’t know his real name) in the IM3 pairs event. Also a win for the ladies in the masters AB coxed 4. Well done and good luck for those that are still waiting to compete.

Win for Women’s Novice Double!

Posted by Sarah Gilliver | July 24, 2010

A huge well done to Louise Morris and Angela Cook for their win at St Neots today, both losing their Novice sculling status. They beat Barnes Bridge by 2 lengths. A dip is in store soon ladies! Well done again!

Bedford Quarts – Race Report 2

Posted by Penny Scorah | July 19, 2010

Better late than never. Congratulations to Patrick Moody and Alex Goodwin on their wins at Bedford Quarts last week! Patrick fought off strong competition to win the IM3 single sculls event. Impressive considering he didn’t know he was entering the event until 2 weeks before! Alex won his final by a massive 5 lengths to take the J16 single sculls title. Broxbourne scullers rule!

Adrian’s coxed novice 4 won their first 2 heats (first 2 ever races for most of the crew) and lost in the final by a mere 1/2 length. Not bad for a bunch of ungraceful swans ( ok, I speak for myself when I say ungraceful ;o) Well done to Jo, Jane, Emma, Ollie and er me.

Many of the juniors got through to their finals. Congratulations to you all – Ruth McKellar in the W.J16.1x, Ruth and Emma Lacy in the W.J16.2x, Alex Stride and Ashley Wyatt in the J18.4x and the J18 quad.

British Rowing Championship Results

Posted by Penny Scorah | July 19, 2010

Lightweights weigh in sheet with silver medal

With the help of the Lea Rowing Club, Broxbourne managed to get its boats to Strathclyde Park for the 2010 British Rowing Championships. (Many thanks Lea!) Broxbourne initially entered three crews but that later rose to four. The junior quad unfortunately went out in their heats. Alex Goodwin not only won Bronze in the Open Junior 16 Single Sculls, but also sat in a coxless four for Durham School at the eleventh hour and won a Bronze medal for that too! The senior men, after a diet of Rivita and Skinny Latte’s entered the lightweight coxless fours and came away with a Silver medal, missing out on the Gold by 1/2 a length. Well done boys! Congratulations to all involved!

Open Lightweight Coxless Four: Chris, Craig, Adam, Graham – Silver
Open Junior 16 Single Scull: Alex Goodwin – Bronze
Open Junior 16 Coxless Four: Alex Goodwin (composite with Durham School) – Bronze

Bedford Quarts 11/07/10

Posted by Sarah Gilliver | July 11, 2010

The Senior Women took on the challenges of Bedford Quarts very well today.

Katie and Claire made it through two rounds of their Novice double to then face a slightly fresher Jane and Charlotte, who’d had a row-over in their heat. They all fought a good fight and Jane and Charlotte just took the edge to win through to the final. Here they were battling the weed, but were sadly beaten.   All four competed in the first showing of their IM3.4+ and held on to Milton Keynes well, but weren’t quite strong enough. On to St Neots for these determined racers.

Amanda and myself raced in the IM2 dooubles, but didn’t have the best start in the windy conditions and took a while to recover, leaving Milton Keynes well ahead.

Louise and Angela also took on the Novice double, getting through their first round well, but were also foiled by the ever moving and growing weed! They’ll be back racing soon- hopefully at a weed free location!

Anne-Marie had a row through first round in the scull, only to face a very strong and well drilled girl from Cambridge Uni who took it away after the start. A tough one today, but a good effort.

Ruth Moody returned to compete with Anne-Marie, Angela and Lou as a Broxbourne/Oxford Brookes composite in the IM1.4+ They had a straight final against Peterborough City and really showed they meant business, pulling away from the first stroke. The gap widened and the crew finished comfortably 3 lengths ahead, earning them their first pots of the season, and a conciliatory pot for me in the cox’s seat. Thank you girls!

A good day of racing, well done to all!

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