Ok, so you have decided you want to race. What now? Well, apart from the training, there are a few key things to remember:


  • British Rowing Licence: Any club which is allowed to hold a public regatta or head race must be registered with the British Rowing Association. They oversee the safety and security of events. In order to compete a British Rowing event, you need to have a BR racing licence. When you register for one, you will be given a licence number and a card which you must take with you when competing! Fear not, these licences don’t cost the earth – the 2010 price is £46 / year for an adult. You also get some extra benefits from this which can be found here on the British Rowing – Types of Membership page.

  • Submitting your entry: Your Vice-Captain will do this for you. They will also agree with you which boat you will be racing in and what blades (oars) you will be using.

  • Cost: Competitors have to pay for event entries themselves as well as a small petrol charge to cover the cost of towing vehicles there. The cost varies for the event but for a local regatta / head race, it is between about £9 and £11 per person / seat (so if you race in two different events you have to pay for two seats). For some of the bigger events, such as the Thames Heads or Henley, it can be from £11 up to about £20 per seat. Petrol costs will also vary per event but it is a single per person charge which is usually no more than £5.

  • Racing attire: As you may have seen at regattas or on TV, typical racing attire is a club ‘All-in-One’. Whilst they may not look very flattering, they are good for rowing in because you can’t get them caught on anything during the race! It is usually a rule of any regatta that all members of a crew wear club colours (ours are light blue, dark blue and white). If you turn up to the start of a very ‘strict’ regatta and are not all in matching club kit, you can be given an official warning. Club kit is custom made can take a couple of months to arrive, so don’t wait until the last minute to order. Speak to you Vice Captain if you want to know about ordering kit!
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