Whilst many enjoy the recreational side of rowing, for many, the only reason they row is to race! Unlike many sports, rowing has competitive events all year round. Racing events happen all across the country and there are competitions for all skill levels!


If you are already a competitive rower at Broxbourne and want to know about up and coming events – see the “Future Events” page (coming soon!). If you want to know more about racing, keep reading.


The rowing calendar in the UK splits roughly in two: summer and winter:


  • Summer season: starts in about April and is regatta season! Regattas are side-by-side races over a fixed distance. The route to victory in a regatta is to cross the line before all the other boats you race. Regattas held on a river tend to have two crews in a single race. Some of the bigger events held at places such as Dorney Lake are Multi-Lane where more than two crews (from 3 – 6 usually) race against each other in a single race. Distances can range from anywhere between 500m to the Olympic standard 2000m. The regatta season tends to draw to a close in late August, with the exception of one of two smaller events in September.

  • Winter season: runs from October to the end of March / early April. Unlike regattas, head races are rowed against the clock. Crews are started in turn at fixed time intervals and are ranked by time at the end. Head races tend to be much longer than regattas, from 2000m up to about 7000m at the Head of the River races on the Thames!

For more information on how to get in to racing – see the Racing Specifics page.

St Neots draw

Posted by Angela Watling | July 18, 2010

Hi All! The St Neots draw will be underway at the moment and so far most of our Saturday crews have been accepted! Keep an eye out for the draw on the St Neots RC website. You can also find regatta information such as the ‘Safety Plan’, ‘Course Layout’ and ‘Plan of the Regatta Field’ on the St Neots Regatta Information page.


One thing to note for any racing crews – St Neots have closed the events on the British Rowing entries site. This means that any crew substitutions now need to be may in person at Race Control on race day, in advance of your first race in that event.


Also, don’t forget your valid British Rowing licence for when you have to collect your shiney pots! Good luck everyone!

St Neots entries deadline

Posted by Angela Watling | July 8, 2010

Hi All – just a reminder that any entries for St Neots regatta need to be with me by the end of Saturday 10 July. I know a few crew entries are uncertain until after Bedford but individual VCs have pre-agreed that with me. Anything that arrives to me late which I am not expecting may not go in!


Also, check out the new Racing pages which give information about Future Races, Rules of Racing and other information for people who are new to racing. If there is any other content people would find useful then please contact me at the entries address on the Contact Us page.

For those of you not racing at Henley…

Posted by Angela Watling | June 30, 2010

…don’t forget there are plenty of other regattas to go to! Coming up over the next few weeks we have: Bedford Quarts, Henley Veterans, the British Rowing Champs, St Neots, Sudbury International and the infamous Peterborough Summer. Check the calendar on the website for dates.

Entries for Henley Vets have closed and Bedford entries are due to me by today. However, entries can still be submitted for everything else! Speak to your VC if you want to race, or email me at entries@broxbournerowingclub.org. More information should be coming online about entres over the next few weeks.

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