Welcome to the Broxbourne Rowing Club website! We are friendly rowing club with a fine fleet of boats, a fully equipped gym, and a modern, spacious club house with a bar. We row pretty much undisturbed on a delightful stretch of the river Lea. We compete vigorously and successfully in local and national races and welcome all including senior, masters, beginners, juniors and recreational rowers.

If you haven't rowed before, the sport provides full-body outdoor fitness, stimulates your senses and challenges you physically. There are few things as exhilarating as rowing at full pressure in a well synchronised crew. We run regular Learn to Row courses for juniors and adults to set you on your way.

If you are a more experienced rower, you will find a racing crew to meet your aspirations, whether you want to compete at Henley, in the masters world championships, or national and provincial races. Some prefer to enjoy recreational rowing and our touring boats travel far and wide on long weekends away, or compete in pageant-spectaculars like the Great River Race.

We also welcome aspiring and experienced coaches and coxes. These vital members of the club have the opportunity to make a real difference to the crew. Inexperienced or new coxes will receive support, training and coaching and are unlikely to be short of crews to practice with!

If you are interested please get in touch with the club.

Our latest:

Sudbury Results – 11 Broxbourne Wins!

Posted by Penny Scorah | August 9, 2010

A great day for Broxbourne at Sudbury regatta this year with the junior squad winning many non-junior events! Congratulations to everyone that took place. Thanks to Beth for all the photos from the event. Check them out on flickr by clicking the photo above.


  • IM3.2-
  • IM3.4+ by 2 lengths
  • Mx.IM3.4+ by 2 lengths
  • W.Nov2x by 4 lengths (An all Broxbourne event!)
  • J18A.2x won by default as other crew scratched
  • W.J16A.2x easily
  • Masters 8+ by 3/4 length
  • MastersD.4+ easily
  • Mx.Masters.8+ by 3/4 length
  • Mx.MastersB/C.4+ by 3 lengths
  • W.MastersA/B.4+ by 1/2 length

Sudbury so far

Posted by Penny Scorah | August 7, 2010

2 wins for Broxbourne so far today! A win for Patrick Moody and Duracell (I really don’t know his real name) in the IM3 pairs event. Also a win for the ladies in the masters AB coxed 4. Well done and good luck for those that are still waiting to compete.

Summer social on Sunday!

Posted by Penny Scorah | August 5, 2010

Just a reminder that the summer social starts at 12pm on Sunday for those that want to cycle and 2pm for those that just want to bar and BBQ. The band Late for Lunch will be playing too! Look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

Rowing EGM 4th September 2010

Posted by Michelle Turnham | August 5, 2010

As you all know each year we elect a new Rowing Committee. The committee is made up of various members some of whose roles can be found outlined in the Club Rules. However as the club has expanded the rowing committee has also expanded and although not officially recognised by the club rules all these posts need to be filled to allow rowing to continue and grow at Broxbourne. I have therefore put together a brief summary of the Rowing Committee which will hopefully help you decide if you wish to stand for a post and also who to talk to if you want to know what’s involved:

The following roles are full members of the rowing committee:
Current post holder: Michelle Turnham
Role: Chairs the Rowing Committee and reports into the clubs Managements Committee on all things rowing related.

Men’s Vice Captain
Current post holder: Chris Scorah
Role: Primarily concerned with the men’s senior squad, organising outings, coaching and coxing, plus submitting race entries to the Entries Secretary. Should also be keen along with coaches to identify development squad members who could make the move into the senior squad.

Women’s Vice Captain
Current post holder: Sarah Gilliver
Role: As for mens vice captain, but co-ordinates women’s rowing.

Novice Vice Captain
Current post holder: Ian Brown
Role: Organising outings, coaching and coxing, plus submitting race entries to the Entries Secretary for rowers that are wanting to race but are not members of the senior or veteran squads. The club rules do not split the development (novice) squads into male and female but this may be done for logistical reasons if required. Therefore the two roles can be created if required.

Junior Vice Captain
Current post holder: Noelle Stallard
Role: Organising outings, coaching and coxing, plus submitting race entries to the Entries Secretary for junior rowers. The Junior Vice Captain is also heavily involved in the development of the junior section of the club including links to local schools and ARA sponsored programmes.

Veteran Vice Captain
Current post holder: Russell Mould
Role: Organising outings, coaching and coxing, plus submitting race entries to the Entries Secretary for Veteran rowers. The club rules do not split the veteran squads into male and female and as currently there is no veteran womens vice-captain the two roles have been merged.

Equipment Officer
Current post holder: Dave Gentle
Role: Keep the entire fleet on the water including running repairs to boats and trailers. Feed into the Captain requirements for new equipment, assist with ordering of new equipment.

Schools & University Liaison Officer
Current post holder: vacant
Role: Liase with the Haileybury School and St Edmund’s College over use of club facilities and boats. If needed make contact with other local schools to encourage rowing and membership of the junior squad.

The following roles are currently / can be co-opted onto the rowing committee:
(the new committee will vote to agree co-option of these positions)

Head Coach
Current post holder: Matt Stallard
The Head coach oversees all coaching at the club and is responsible for ensuring that the technical level of rowing is maintained is consistent with GB rowing standards.

Beginners Co-ordinator
Current post holder: Chris Moody
Role: To introduce new members to rowing through the clubs regular beginners courses, training up to a standard where the rowers are ready to move onto another squad.

Veteran Vice Captain (Women)
Current post holder: vacant
Role: Organising outings, coaching and coxing, plus submitting race entries to the Entries Secretary for female Veteran rowers. The club rules do not split the veteran squads into male and female, however there is only one voting role on the committee and should there be male and female candidates a vote will decide who holds this position. The two roles can be merged if there is a lack of candidates.

Entries Secretary
Current post holder: Angela Cook
Role: All club entries for events go through the entries secretary. Once all the entries for an event are submitted the entries secretary works with the Captain so that transport can be arranged. The Entries secretary collects fuel money from vice captains and pays truck drivers when they have filled the truck.

Recreational Rowing Co-ordinator
Current post holder: Steve Wragg
Role: To promote  and co-ordinate recreational rowing at Broxbourne.

Coxing Co-ordinator
Current post holder: vacant
Role: This is a trial role and is designed to see if we can resolve the ongoing lack of coxes and training at the club. Although the post holder would not have a formal vote on the committee he/she the post holder would help the vice-captains with the recruitment and training of coxes.

Our club cannot function without volunteers and would therefore urge you to consider standing for one of the above posts.

As with every year we need coaches to help move the club forward. Matt Stallard is our Head Coach and helps with consistency of rowing style and progression through the squads. If anyone is interested in helping Matt and the vice-captains with coaching for the new season please speak to Matt or myself.

Can I urge all of you to be vigilant and keep our club secure. Please make sure that you lock up both the clubhouse and boat shed when you are on the water and that the gate closes behind you when you leave.

We have a great fleet of boats and equipment. I would like to urge all members to respect this equipment by taking great care particularly when moving boats from the boathouse to the water, this is where most damage occurs. Please respect rules regarding use of boats and if any doubt what equipment to use please contact any one of the rowing committee.

Very soon the evenings will become darker and lights must be displayed on boats. All boats going out in the evenings must have a white light on the Bow and a red light facing down the Stern. Neither light should flash.

Finally I’d just like to say a big thanks to the current committee and coaches for all the effort they have put in over the last year.

Michelle Turnham – BRC captain
Email: captain@broxbournerowingclub.org

Sudbury draw is out!

Posted by Sarah Gilliver | August 3, 2010


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