Welcome to the Broxbourne Rowing Club website! We are friendly rowing club with a fine fleet of boats, a fully equipped gym, and a modern, spacious club house with a bar. We row pretty much undisturbed on a delightful stretch of the river Lea. We compete vigorously and successfully in local and national races and welcome all including senior, masters, beginners, juniors and recreational rowers.

If you haven't rowed before, the sport provides full-body outdoor fitness, stimulates your senses and challenges you physically. There are few things as exhilarating as rowing at full pressure in a well synchronised crew. We run regular Learn to Row courses for juniors and adults to set you on your way.

If you are a more experienced rower, you will find a racing crew to meet your aspirations, whether you want to compete at Henley, in the masters world championships, or national and provincial races. Some prefer to enjoy recreational rowing and our touring boats travel far and wide on long weekends away, or compete in pageant-spectaculars like the Great River Race.

We also welcome aspiring and experienced coaches and coxes. These vital members of the club have the opportunity to make a real difference to the crew. Inexperienced or new coxes will receive support, training and coaching and are unlikely to be short of crews to practice with!

If you are interested please get in touch with the club.

Our latest:

Peterborough Head of the Nene entries

Posted by Angela Watling | January 18, 2011

Hi all,


Please note, the entries deadline for Peterborough Head is this Friday, 21 January 2011. All entries should be submitted using the online entries form and should be done by VCs only.


Alex Gibson is taking over the role of Entries Secretary with immediate effect and will be dealing with the Peterborough entries. All communication channels remain unchanged.

Circuits Start Time

Posted by Sarah Gilliver | January 18, 2011

As we are now doing 4 circuits each week, and the majority of members have arrived,  are warmed up and ready earlier, we will start this week’s circuits at 7:15pm. Please let others know who may not see this today.

Who wants to be an Entries Secretary?

Posted by Angela Watling | January 12, 2011

After almost two years as Entries Secretary, work and other rowing commitments mean I need to stand down from the role by the end of February. So, for all of those of you wanting to get more involved in the club, here is your chance! The Entries Secretary role is vital to the club – without one, BRC rowers would drive a trailer of boats to a regatta and then just sit on the sidelines looking jealous!


The key jobs of the Entries Secretary are:


    – Submitting crew entries for events;
    – Collecting entry fees and petrol money from squad VCs;
    – Paying race fees to event organisers;
    – Collating the list of up-and-coming races and updating the BRC website;
    – Attending the start of the monthly Rowing Committee meetings to talk to squad VCs about future events;
    – Various other bits and bobs!

One important thing an Entries Secretary must be is organised and able to meet deadlines. Once the club deadline has passed, entries need to be submitted quickly so that the event doesn’t close. However, most events take entries through the British Rowing Online Entry system which is really easy to use!

The post is a great way to get involved with all squads. You end-up knowing where everyone is going and what they are doing! So, if you are interested, please email me at entries@broxbournerowingclub.org and help the club to keep racing!

Get your new kit orders in by 26th January!

Posted by Sarah Gilliver | January 11, 2011

Members: take a look at the Kit Page in the members area of the website for more information. If you need a log-in email the webmaster.

Winter season racing

Posted by Angela Watling | January 7, 2011

Hello everyone! I have recently updated the Future Races page to show any events nearby which are coming-up over the next few months. If you are interested in any of them, or in something not showing, please let your VC know so they can raise it at the Rowing Committee meeting. We need to know about events as early as possible so we can handle any clashes with boats, the trailer or the truck.


Please note, the deadline for Weybridge Winter Head and Cambridge Head 2 Head is tomorrow, Saturday 8 January 2011. Any entries must be placed by your VC through the online entries form.

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