Welcome to the Broxbourne Rowing Club website! We are friendly rowing club with a fine fleet of boats, a fully equipped gym, and a modern, spacious club house with a bar. We row pretty much undisturbed on a delightful stretch of the river Lea. We compete vigorously and successfully in local and national races and welcome all including senior, masters, beginners, juniors and recreational rowers.

If you haven't rowed before, the sport provides full-body outdoor fitness, stimulates your senses and challenges you physically. There are few things as exhilarating as rowing at full pressure in a well synchronised crew. We run regular Learn to Row courses for juniors and adults to set you on your way.

If you are a more experienced rower, you will find a racing crew to meet your aspirations, whether you want to compete at Henley, in the masters world championships, or national and provincial races. Some prefer to enjoy recreational rowing and our touring boats travel far and wide on long weekends away, or compete in pageant-spectaculars like the Great River Race.

We also welcome aspiring and experienced coaches and coxes. These vital members of the club have the opportunity to make a real difference to the crew. Inexperienced or new coxes will receive support, training and coaching and are unlikely to be short of crews to practice with!

If you are interested please get in touch with the club.

Our latest:

Historic video

Posted by Chris Moody | March 9, 2011

If you want to see how things were at BRC 60 years ago, take a look at this:


Ostensibly a video about a floating caravan contraption, it’s launched at the club down our slipway. There’s plenty to catch the eye in the background, the old boat sheds, lots of sailing boats, the white bridge, and finally our beautiful club house prior to the 1960’s conflagration… All looks idyllic!

Bedford Eights and Fours Head: Senior Men

Posted by Graham Everitt | March 7, 2011

After Peterborough Head of the Nene was cancelled, the men’s squad headed up to Bedford looking forward to a few charges over the short 2k course to blow out the winter cobwebs. Guns were flexed and gimp suits were dusted off in keen anticipation.

The somewhat over-pointed pair of Simon Robins and Craig Allan were dropped in favour of some young pretenders with much fewer points for the first division, dropping the first eight from senior to IM2 in one foul swoop. The infamous Mr Burns was once again proved correct as our best laid plan went, once again, askew. With a few members of the squad ill a few last minute changes were made to the crew, but a solid time of 6:15 was posted. This was unfortunately one second short of the time posted by the eventual winners (some Cambridge college), and left the BRC crew 2nd in the category and 6th overall at the end of the day.

The squad then broke down to compete against each other in coxed fours for the middle divisions, with three scratch boats racing at Senior and IM2. A show of brain versus brawn was put on display for the enraptured Bedfordians, as the wise, balding technicians in the senior 4+ were pitted against the better looking, fitter, younger, but arguably rawer members of the senior squad in the IM2 crews. The smoother running (older) Senior 4+ took the spoils in the competition between the two Broxbourne boats with a time of 6:46, but lost out to a very fast Star crew who won the Senior event. The beans-laden IM2 4+ came in 11 seconds slower, but were provided some consolation by winning their category comfortably. The second Broxbourne IM2 4+ had a good row spoiled by a wayward crew from Star club, and a collision stopped them dead at the halfway point.

The final division saw the squad return as one, as the Senior eight took to the water. The local populace looked on in awe at the beauty of the crew’s bladework and rumour has it that a nearby dove shed a solitary tear at the beauty of the catches, but it wasn’t quite enough to beat the 6:03 set by the local Bedford Modern boys. A 6:08 was posted, a respectable time which placed us 4th overall, behind 2 fast times from BMS and the elite entry from Star Club.

The focus now shifts to the longer stuff, as the squad looks forward to Reading and Kingston in the build up to the man HORR.

Molesey Veteran Head 2011 – Broxbourne Win E Eights and Finish Second Overall

Posted by Andy Crook | March 7, 2011

The Masters Men’s E Eight won their division at the Molesey Veteran Head on Saturday 26th February 2011 in a time of 9 minutes 23 seconds, also being placed second overall for the Head behind the Crabtree C Eight.

The crew, comprising of Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Phil Lumley (6), Rob Alexander (5), Andy Crook (4), Alistair Cutts (3), Tony Stokes (2), Andy Kelly (bow) and Brenda Scott (cox), comfortably beat all 8 entries in the D Eights category, and on a handicap basis finished 4 seconds behind the winning Crabtree Eight.

In showery conditions and on a reasonably fast stream, Quintin took the crew off at a good clip, covering the course at a rate of 34 and taking it up to an alleged 37 for the final push home. “If only we had got the extra 5 seconds” was muttered by a couple of the crew, but generally a very satisfactory result to build on.

Sainsburys and Tesco vouchers..

Posted by Penny Scorah | February 18, 2011

The club will be collecting Sainsburys Active Kids and Tesco Schools & Clubs vouchers over the coming months. Last years vouchers were used for mats and balls for the gym.

The collection boxes will be in the bar/lounge area from Saturday morning onwards.

Happy collecting!

Veterans Fours Head 14-Nov-10 : Winning Mixed Coxed Four

Posted by Andy Crook | February 9, 2011

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