Welcome to the Broxbourne Rowing Club website! We are friendly rowing club with a fine fleet of boats, a fully equipped gym, and a modern, spacious club house with a bar. We row pretty much undisturbed on a delightful stretch of the river Lea. We compete vigorously and successfully in local and national races and welcome all including senior, masters, beginners, juniors and recreational rowers.

If you haven't rowed before, the sport provides full-body outdoor fitness, stimulates your senses and challenges you physically. There are few things as exhilarating as rowing at full pressure in a well synchronised crew. We run regular Learn to Row courses for juniors and adults to set you on your way.

If you are a more experienced rower, you will find a racing crew to meet your aspirations, whether you want to compete at Henley, in the masters world championships, or national and provincial races. Some prefer to enjoy recreational rowing and our touring boats travel far and wide on long weekends away, or compete in pageant-spectaculars like the Great River Race.

We also welcome aspiring and experienced coaches and coxes. These vital members of the club have the opportunity to make a real difference to the crew. Inexperienced or new coxes will receive support, training and coaching and are unlikely to be short of crews to practice with!

If you are interested please get in touch with the club.

Our latest:

Golden Oldies at Varese

Posted by Ian Henley | October 2, 2013

Broxbourne Masters made it into the Mercury with their well deserved win in Italy…

Varese Mecury Article

Great River Races

Posted by Chris Lawn | September 18, 2013

Nothing very recreational about the annual Great River Race for 21.5 miles along the Thames from Millwall to Ham, even if our entry was our ‘Jolly Boat’, Slippery Knix. The pictures show Stuart Morris’ team of 2013 which consisted of himself, Dennis Roberts, Paul Breheny, Ian Thomas and Chris Lawn, ably coxed and whipped up at every bridge by Jenny Bradley. Of the 324 entries, all fixed-seat boats, Broxbourne finished 106th in 2:49.01, which after a handicap for our class of 43 minutes, put us 108th overall, a step-change improvement over previous years.  This was followed in 2014 with a time exactly 5 minutes faster, but with identical placings. In 2015, inclement weather conditions prevented this time being bettered.

At the start in Millwall

Manoeuvring at the start

Manoeuvring at the start



'Eyes in the boat ! That's not the opposition.'

‘Eyes in the boat ! That’s not the opposition.’


'This is a laugh !'

‘This is a laugh !’

Not so funny now.
Cracking on. Not so funny now.
At the finish in Ham

At the finish in Ham

British Rowing Tour : Loch Lomond and the Forth-Clyde Canal

Posted by Chris Lawn | September 15, 2013


The Intrepid Six

The Intrepid Six


Launching at Balloch
Launching at Balloch


Approaching Luss

Approaching Luss


Resting on our Oars

Resting on our Oars


Lunch with the Canal Society

Lunch with the Canal Society





Eighty something rowers, about sixteen boats, two hotels, a coach, rescue boats, a national park, a canal association, the Falkirk Wheel and a piper in full Highland regalia, all brought together by John and Caroline Turnbull. Thus begins Chris Moody’s blow-by-blow account of the Tour. To see the rest, go to: British Rowing Tour 2013


Posted by Eleanor Everitt | September 12, 2013

Date: Saturday 9 November 2013

Venue: The White Horse Hotel, Hertingfordbury

Time: 1830 – 0030

Dress: Black tie and Masquerade

Tickets are £42.50, which includes a fizz reception and canapes, three course meal and tea/coffee.

Tickets are on sale from Saturday 21 September 2013 and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis – please note that availability is limited.

Please see Eleanor Everitt, Jo Perryman or Becky Bishop to get your tickets.

Learn to Row at Broxbourne, October 2013

Posted by Amanda Jones | August 24, 2013

We plan to run a rowing course for complete beginners starting on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of October.

If you are interested in doing our introduction to rowing we would like you to come to the club on Saturday the 12th or Sunday the 13th of October at 10.00.

Please see the details on our Learn to row page

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