Broxbourne Rowing Club Membership

To join the club or renew your membership please complete a membership form and pay your membership fee.  We would prefer that you complete the online membership form (below), but you do also have the option of completing a paper form which are on the notice board next to the kitchen.  A requirement of your membership is to abide by the Club Rules and By-Laws for Rowing (and Safety Plan) and of the rules of the sport of rowing at all times, including the Rowsafe guidelines which can be accessed below:

Club Rules

By-Laws for Rowing (and Safety Plan)

British Rowing – Row Safe 2016


Membership Fees

Please pay your membership fees first and then complete the form in full (short version available for renewals with no changes), all fields are required unless indicated.  For Junior member’s (under 18) contact details should be those of the parent or guardian.


Please make your payment to Broxbourne Rowing Club (sort code 20-20-37 account no. 00234095) by:

– a single payment of the relevant annual fee by bank transfer or cheque

– standing order with 12 monthly payments on the 1st of each month


2017 Membership category Fees

Annual   Fee

12   Monthly Payments (Standing Order)

Full Rowing



Full Rowing (Intermediate under   24yrs)



Junior Rowing (J18 and under)



Off peak**


Vacation Student (no pro rata)




Indoor Racking Fee (sculling boat)*



Outdoor Racking Fee (sculling boat)*



Additional blades


* Boat racking is only available to Full Rowing and Off peak members, permission and availability must be agreed with the Captain in advance

** An Off-Peak Member shall pay a reduced rate, but is restricted to rowing on weekdays before 6 pm and at weekends after 12 noon. Off-Peak members may cox or coach at any time


Membership fees are per annum from January to December.  Please note membership is annual therefore refunds are not available / all 12 monthly payments are still expected if leaving before the end of the year.


Broxbourne Rowing Club Short Online Membership Form (For UNCHANGED Renewals only)

If you completed a membership form last year and ALL of your details are UNCHANGED to save you time you can complete just the basic details below and your details will be copied from last year, all fields are mandatory

Renewal with no change to contact details 

Please confirm how you have made your payment

Date Payment made (Please use date format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2016-01-01):

Amount Paid (or monthly amount) £

First name:

Last name:


I have read and accept the declaration at the bottom of the page*


Broxbourne Rowing Club Full Online Membership Form (For New Members and Renewals)

Membership Application and Renewal Form – please complete in full (particularly if any of your details have changed or you are a new member)

Mandatory fields include a *

Renewal* New Member* 

Please confirm how you have made your payment*

Date Payment made (Please use date format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 2016-01-01)*:

Amount Paid (or monthly amount)* £

First name*:

Last name*:

Address*: (please do not use commas)



Telephone number*:

Alternative Telephone number (optional):


Date of birth (Please use date format YYYY-MM-DD e.g. 1970-01-01)*:

Select Membership Category*:

Select Squad / group you are part of*:

The Club is run by volunteers, please state how you would prefer to volunteer:

If Other please detail:

EMERGENCY CONTACT - Provide details of the person to be contacted in case of an accident or emergency

Telephone number*:

Juniors members (under 18) only
Please provide the junior member's email details ONLY IF you as the parent or guardian agree to them being contacted directly by the club

School name:

Owners of racked boats, please indicate the type of racking used:

Do you have additional blades: Yes No 

Your Boat details - BRX no.

Please confirm that you have insured your boat

Club Meetings - Notification is usually sent by email, please select 'Yes' if you prefer postal notification

Declaration - By applying for membership and/or participating in activities at the club you agree that you:
• Can swim 50 metres in light clothing (rowing kit), tread water for 2 minutes and swim underwater for 5m
• Do not have any medical or physical condition precluding heavy exercise and will only participate in accordance with doctor’s advice. If your state of health changes you will inform the Club Captain or VC without delay
• Accept that use of club equipment and facilities is entirely at your own risk and responsibility
• Have received a club induction and are aware of the Safety Notice board relating to emergency procedures & telephone numbers, capsize and recovery procedures and information on waterbourne diseases and will take reasonable care of the health and safety of yourself and other members and third parties
• Will abide by the Rules and By-Laws for Rowing (and Safety Plan) of the club and of the sport of rowing at all times, including the British Rowing - Row Safe 2016 guidelines
• Data Protection Act - The above information may be held on computer by the Club to be used for Club purposes

(If under 18 years old acceptance to be by parent / guardian)
Please click box to confirm you have read and accept the declaration*


New members please click on the below for a letter that should provide answers to most of the frequently asked questions new members have, including information on the application process and also information about rowing at the club that may be useful to you, if after reading you have any further questions please email


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