Molesey Veteran Head 2011 – Broxbourne Win E Eights and Finish Second Overall

Posted by Andy Crook | March 7, 2011

The Masters Men’s E Eight won their division at the Molesey Veteran Head on Saturday 26th February 2011 in a time of 9 minutes 23 seconds, also being placed second overall for the Head behind the Crabtree C Eight.

The crew, comprising of Quintin McKellar (str), Russell Mould (7), Phil Lumley (6), Rob Alexander (5), Andy Crook (4), Alistair Cutts (3), Tony Stokes (2), Andy Kelly (bow) and Brenda Scott (cox), comfortably beat all 8 entries in the D Eights category, and on a handicap basis finished 4 seconds behind the winning Crabtree Eight.

In showery conditions and on a reasonably fast stream, Quintin took the crew off at a good clip, covering the course at a rate of 34 and taking it up to an alleged 37 for the final push home. “If only we had got the extra 5 seconds” was muttered by a couple of the crew, but generally a very satisfactory result to build on.

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