Here are Broxbourne’s policies, hints, tips and best practices to keep our people rowing well and our equipment in tip top order.


1) Boat Handling. How to get boats on and off  the water and to paddle around without damaging the boats or crew.

Broxbourne Rowing Club Boat Handling Guide 15 Aug 2013 ih


2) Coxing and Steering. What you need to know to cox or steer.

Broxbourne Rowing Club Coxing Guide 3 Sep 2013 ih


3) How to assemble the two halves of an 8+ without damaging it

How to put the sections of an 8+ boat together 24 Apr 14 mtih


4) How to tie a boat on to the trailer correctly


5) Capsize drill. What to do if you capsize, and some tips on how not to.

Broxbourne Rowing Club Capsize Drill 15 Aug 2013 ih


6) The Broxbourne Rowing Stroke: Technique.

Broxbourne The Rowing Stroke 19 Sep 13 mt


7) More advanced insight into the catch and drive

The Catch and Drive An Interview with Graham Everitt 1 Oct 13 1445 ih

8) How to Deep Clean a boat

Broxbourne Rowing Club Deep Cleaning Guide 15 Aug 2015 ih

9) The Rowers Rhyme. Broxbourne Rowing Technique in Verse

The Rowers Rhyme Version Ten





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