Sporting success recognised with Diamond jubilee medals

Posted by Graham Everitt | January 13, 2013

Two members of Broxbourne Rowing club lifetime dedication to the sport of rowing has been recognised with the award of a prestigious medal.

Andy Kelly and Amanda Jones found out that both were to receive the Rowing Diamond jubilee medal, the medal is awarded by British rowing to recognise the contribution of volunteers that keep the clubs afloat and highlights of the remarkable commitment shown by volunteers.

Speaking of there shock at being nominated for such an award they said ” We are very flattered, delighted and surprised to have been nominated by the rowing club to recieve this medal it is a great honour and recognition of my dedication to our rowing over the years”.

Andy kelly has been rowing for Broxbourne for 40 years since he was 11 years old during that time he has held a number of roles including club captain, boatman, and house and grounds officer. He had a significant contribution to the aquiring of the new boat house. Andy will continue to row on a regular basis, and hopes to take a crew to the national and henley masters championships in 2013.

Amanda jones has been rowing since she was 18 years old and has been a member of broxbourne for 10 years. She was nominated because she is the sort of person that makes the difference between a scheme happening or failing. In addition to her everyday club duties Amanda had a key role in heading up the second phase of the redevelopment of the club. She has held the position of club captain and president, Amanda continues to work along side the management comittee and will be rowing at a variety of events in the next coming year.

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